Set up motion alerts

If you are using your iota tracker for a car, motorcycle, or bike, the best way to prevent theft and make sure nobody is tampering with your valuable items is to add a motion alert.  Motion alerts send an app notification and/or email right away if your prized possession is moved so much as an inch!

To get started, select 'setup motion alert' while on step 6 of 7 of personalizing your iota.  If you've already set up your iota, you can get to this page again by selecting 'add alert' from the settings page for your iota, which can be accessed under the ellipsis (...) button in the bottom right of the iota map screen.

From here, you can opt to receive app notifications, emails, or both when your item is moved.  The next step is to set the sensitivity.  If you are unsure about how sensitive to make the motion alert, it is best to leave it at the default setting to prevent false alerts or missed detection. If you find there is a problem with the default setting, you can always come back and edit the sensitivity later.


Motion alerts for cars, bikes, and motorcycles are set to rearm after the iota tracker detects 3 consecutive minutes of inactivity since the last alert was triggered.  This setting is manually configurable if you are using the iota tracker for some other valuable, however the default setting is also 3 minutes.  

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