Home Base Installation Guide

Every iota package includes one Home Base, along with its own stand and power Cable.  Users must have a home base attached to their iota account before proceeding to connect with iotas.

To set up the Home Base:

  1. Feed small end of the Power Cable through slot in bottom of Home Base Stand and pull down on cord to secure into place.
  2. Plug Home Base into stand, making sure to line up the port on bottom of Home Base with the Power Cable.
  3. Plug power cable into wall outlet.
  4. Set Home Base on a window sill if available. Make sure Home Base is upright with logo facing inside. 
  5. Check out the Performance Tips page to make sure you are getting the best performance out of your Home Base. 
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    useless, along with youtube intro. you have to completely re-think your so-called instructions, they are incomplete, time-consuming in organization, and seem to piss the point.

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    Hi Jbentdel, I'm sorry that you did not find these instructions helpful! If you are having any trouble at all getting your devices set up, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket.

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    We absolutely deserve better instructions--there should be a comprehensive start to finish installation video, along with how to interpret the location screens. I'm trying to piece things together from multiple sources and two weeks later, still struggling. Would never recommend this product