home base Troubleshooting Guide


For the best experience, your home base should always show that it is connected in the “edit home bases” view of the iota tracker App. If you see the home base temporarily showing disconnected, this means that it occasionally is taking longer to reconnect with the iota Tracker internet service. These intermittent problems can be challenging to diagnose. Some of the more common issues are: 

1. The home base is positioned too far from your Wi-Fi router.

If your Wi-Fi access point is on a different floor and/or the opposite side of the house, try relocating the home base to a different window sill. Remember to try keeping the home base on upper floors to maximize range to iotas. Please feel free to contact customer support for feedback on whether signal strength and Wi-Fi connection quality improved.

2. Devices on your Wi-Fi network are sending too much data to the internet.

In some cases your internet connection can get too busy when devices are uploading data to the internet (like an iPhone syncing to iCloud when you get home). This can temporarily cause longer delays for other devices like your home base. Some Wi-Fi routers have a setting to improve this. The following is a description on limiting upload bandwidth on a Linksys Wi-Fi access point:


Please refer to your own Wi-fi access point manual for instructions on how to limit upload bandwidth for your brand of access point

3. Buggy cable or dsl modem.

Many customers of ours have had their problems resolved after contacting their internet service provider about periodic internet problems and the problem is resolved after replacing their modem. Often times your internet provider will immediately acknowledge the modem having software bugs and replace it for free, no questions asked

4. Flakey broadband internet connection (noisy or signal too weak).  

It’s quite common that cable modems and DSL modems have a noisy or weak connection to the DSL provider or the cable provider. In some cases the signal can even be too strong if for instance a cable provider installs an amplifier at your house.  We recommend contacting your internet service provider to have them double check that all signal strength and interference readings from your cable modem or DSL modem are within spec. They can usually read this information remotely.

Troubleshooting a Disconnected home base 

If your home base used to be connected, but is now showing as disconnected in the “edit home bases” view, the following may be the cause and potential fixes

1. Your internet connection may be down.

Check to make sure that other devices like your computer are able to connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi Network

2. Your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or Wi-Fi network password was changed.

In this case, you’ll need to re-enter your Wi-Fi network settings on your home base

3. Buggy Wi-Fi firmware

Even if other devices are communicating on your Wi-Fi network, unplugging and plugging in your router can sometimes clear up a problem with buggy software that can allow your home base to reconnect to the server. If that does resolve the problem, confirm that your Wi-Fi access point is running the latest available firmware. 

If neither of these resolve the problem, please submit a support request.

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