Set Up Geofence

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a customizable area around your Home Base that monitors when your iota enters or exits (like a virtual fence)! Geofence alerts will notify you when your iota tracker enters or leaves that designated area around your Home Base. 

What can I use a geofence for?

Set up a geofence to receive an app notification and/or email whenever your iota tracker has left home. This gives you a head start to track your iota before it gets to far away! You can also use geofence alerts to let you know when your iota has returned home or monitor how long and how many times your iota tracker has been away from home (e.g. with a dog walker)

How do I set up a geofence?

First, you need to create your geofence! Make the geofence ring larger or smaller by pinching and zooming the screen.Geofence alerts must be circular and centered on your Home Base. The geofence circle is limited to a radius between 200 and 650 ft. Once you like the size of your geofence, click 'save' to proceed. (If you have more than one home base, make sure to select the correct home base for your geofence at the top of your screen.)

Next, choose when you would like to be notified. You can chose to receive an alert when you iota tracker exits the geofence, enters the geofence, or both.

Choose how you would like to be notified. You can receive an app notification, email, or both. Up to three different email addresses can be notified for each geofence alert (let family or friends know if your iota tracker leaves home)!


To edit geofence settings or to create a new alert outside of initial set up:

Tap the 'settings' button in the bottom right corner of you iota's expanded footer. 

Then tap the '+' next to 'create new alert' and choose 'geofence' or tap an existing geofence to edit. You can also use the blue toggle on the right side of your existing geofence to turn your geofence on or off.


What is the impact on my iota's battery life?

To monitor the geofence, your iota tracker will use more battery, especially if it leaves often and stays away from home for hours/days at a time. If your iota tracker does leave home often/stay away, your battery life will decrease from the normal 3 - 5 weeks to only 1 - 3 weeks.

If you are having any problems, please submit a support ticket.


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    Tom Leser

    How can a geofence be set around another account's home base, such as at school? If my iotas are are shared with them, will I be able to add the geofence around that home base?