Locating Home Base

Why we need your Home Base's Location

The Home Base and iota tracker communicate over a brand-new wireless technology that requires that the two devices be completely time-synchronized.  The best way for the iota tracker and Home Base to get in synch is to use GPS!  The GPS on the Home Base also helps the iota save battery and deliver timely geofence alerts.

How long should this take 

In most cases, the Home Base takes less than three minutes to obtain a location.  In some cases, especially with dense building construction with heavy metal-coated windows, the Home Base can take up to an hour to obtain a GPS lock.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure the Home Base is upright
  • Make sure the logo is facing into the room (away from the window)
  • Place the Home Base close to window with a clear view of the sky
  • If you have metal-coated windows, try moving the Home Base six inches away from the window
  • If you don't have windows, try placing the Home Base close to an outside wall

If you continue to have problems getting your Home Base to get a GPS lock, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket


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