iota tracker Attachment Accessory

The iota attachment accessory is a plastic clip the iota tracker slides into and attaches with with elastic bands.  For best results, use the smallest band that fits your pet's collar.  Here is a video showing how to attach the iota tracker to your pet's collar:



If your pet's collar is too thick, use the velcro strap to attach the collar clip...  

  1. Thread the velcro through the slots in the bottom of the collar attachment
  2. Slide the iota tracker into the attachment starting from the side with the flexible tab
  3. Loop the velcro around the pet's collar.

To take the iota tracker out of the clip for charging, simply pull down on the thumb tab and slide the iota out.

Some tips for use of the attachment accessory:

  • Only slide the iota tracker in from the side with the flexible clip (as shown in the video above)
  • Overlap as much velcro as possible for most secure attachment
  • Trim velcro so that there is no overhang
  • Remove dog hair from velcro periodically
  • If your package came without the velcro strap, just reach out to our customer support team and they will send one free of charge!

For best performance on dogs and cats, make sure the iota stay's at the back of the pet's collar with a clear view of the sky.

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